The Farm's safety tips for a new reality

The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality

These short safety videos are to help us come to terms with our new reality of working from home and designed for a bit of comic release from the stresses involved.

Not to be taken lightly or seriously, The Farm will deliver three episodes on work/home safety tips about everything from the hazards of children to the emotional distance of social distance.

The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality episode 3 – The emotional distance of social distance, will go live on Sun 17 May, 6pm.

About the Artist:

Based on the Gold Coast with roots in Berlin, The Farm have been described as the
gateway drug to contemporary dance.

Often characterised as cinematic, our work is based on universal subjects and themes that matter and we are driven by a desire to connect to anyone, from dance and theatre virgins to aficionados and professionals.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, The Farm create contemporary performances that transcend expectations of what dance can be, and how and where it should be viewed.


The Farm’s safety tips for a new reality is presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts and The Farm as part of the RAGE ON(line) program. To find out more about RAGE ON(line) click below