Dusty Rich - Art Class Online

Dusty Rich – Art Class Online

As well as being a wild, outrageous comedian, Dusty Rich does art – and now he’s teaching you to be like him!

Sign up for Dusty Rich’s Art Classes where he’ll be showing off his unique aesthetic and the processes behind the creation of traditional canvas work, digital prints, sculpture, custom shoes, face masks and furniture from start to finish.

Episode 2 of Dusty Rich – Art Class will go live below on Thu 14 May, 6pm.

About the Artist:

Dusty Rich may be better known for his insane and predictably unpredictable manic stage presence as a stand-up comedian but he sure knows how to swing a paintbrush and a spray-can around just as good as a microphone!

He might be the next Banksy, he might be Banksy. He might not be. But those are 50/50 odds. Do you really want to take that bet?


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